COVID19 has affected us all  

1. Please ensure you comply with Croatia's regulations and fill out the online form 'ENTER CROATIA' prior to entering our beautiful country. You will be asked to show your confirmation to our staff:

2. What Crozy have decided to implement this year due to COVID19: 


❤️ Unfortunately, Mama Karmela and I (Kathy) will not be traveling this year to greet you. DON'T WORRY. We have a BEAUTIFUL team that will support us and make sure everything runs smoothly during your stay 
🙏 To make things easier for everyone we kindly request you give us 5 days notice (no last minute bookings this year, sorry!). We have also extended our minimum stay to 5 nights to reduce turnover of people and ensure thorough cleaning between guests
❌ INDOOR POOL CLOSED - Due to COVID19 and for easier maintainance of the property our indoor heated pool is CLOSED this year. One of our most popular features. Sorry for the inconvenience! HIT THE BEACH - it’s only a short stroll down the street! 

3. COVID19 RULES AND REGULATIONS - need to be followed 

- SOCIAL/ PHYSICAL DISTANCING - Please maintain a 1.5m distance from individuals who are not part of your family/ travel group. 

SANITISER - Is available at the main entry into the vila. Please report to us if it is running low. 

- NOTICE BOARDS - Have clearly written instructions of social distancing, hand washing principles, general hygiene practices including coughing and sneezing. 

- CLEANING - Our cleaners will have make and gloves at all times. Cleaning will be thorough and regular, including ventilation. 

- MASKS and GLOVES - for your use are available in the cleaning cabinet next to the washing machine should you need it or choose to wear these during your outings. 

- CANCEL YOUR TRIP - If you or a member of your family/ group have a temperature above 37.2'C or exhibit any other symptoms of COVID-19 on the day you should be traveling, we kindly request that you CANCEL YOUR TRIP, get tested and stay home and isolate for 2 weeks if necessary. There will be no penalties incurred for last minute cancelations should you have symptoms of COVID19 on the day you planned to travel. 

4. WHAT IF YOU GET COVID19 DURING YOUR STAY IN CROATIA? You need to let us know if you have symptoms of COVID19 during your stay in Croatia. We will contact our nearest COVID19 testing ambulance. You will get tested and if necessary you shall isolate within our apartments for the duration of the 2 weeks. We understand this would be very frustrating. However, we can not give you a free stay as you will be contributing to our bills by using the electricity and water. A discount is feasible. We can also organise grocery shopping deliveries for you if necessary. Emergency contact numbers are located on the notice boards in hallways.


As at 24th June 2020: 




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