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This comprehensive guidebook describes the most popular restaurants, their work hours and location as well as the type of cuisine offered in Podstrana. Use all your senses and get the full experience while you are visiting our beautiful Adriatic Coast. 


Whether you are up for an adventure, hiking and other intense activities or just a stroll to explore the surroundings this guide will help you decide what to do! Although dated 2017, the activities listed here are offered yearly during the summer season. Contact the agencies for adventures directly (such as rafting) and check with the local Tourist Agency to find out event dates. 


TOP 10 ACTIVITIES - Split and Surroundings

By Kathy Ozakovic

How much you explore of this beautiful city and surrounding areas depends on the amount of days you spend here!

I recommend taking a day or two to do nothing – rest, stroll down to the beach, enjoy the climate and food

1. DIOCLETIAN'S PALACE - 1 day to explore 

The core of the city of Split, as soon as you step into Split "Central Business District" that is the palace! You will see ruins everywhere around you. There is no fee to walk around most of the palace ruins. 

Cathedral of St Domnius (the Patron Saint of Split), you can climb the bell tower (check opening hours) the views are magnificent! Entry ticket includes basement tombs and directly across to Jupiter Temple through the narrowest street in Split called "Let me Pass" (literal translation). 

Near the tower entry is a tourist information centre with brochures and maps very useful if you are doing a tour of the city alone OR ask about guided tours led by locals! 

Basement of Diocletian Palace = free entry through the main corridor/ hallway where (very expensive) souvenirs are sold, small fee to enter left and right of the main corridor - I would recommend purchasing the experience of walking through the basement ruins rather than purchasing overpriced souvenirs! 

Look for Grgur Ninski Stature at the Golden Door and rub his toe for good luck, you can't miss him, he is big! His big toe is pretty big too, maybe he had gout. 

2. FRESH FOOD PRODUCE MARKETS aka PJACA - Can be seen same day as palace 


In conjunction with the palace - definitively go past the fresh food produce markets were ladies will yell to sell their produce which are all from home gardens. This will give you a sense of culture! First in, best served (you get to pick your own produce) At the end of the day when there is limited produce, you can bargain, test your skills! 


3.  BEACHES - Take a rest day from tourist activities 

The closet beach is 500m away - across the main road! These beaches are better than the city beaches, trust me, I lived there! 

You will hear a lot about Bacvice where the locals play "Picigin" this beach is very shallow and a lot of sand! Good for kids, but be prepared for the mess! Bacvice is also a suburb with popular night clubs

Znjan city beach is my other recommendation if you want to visit a beach in the city of Split. 

Take the bus #60 and explore the beaches along the way towards Omis (opposite way of going into Split city) Duce is a beautiful pebble beach on the way. 

Bell Tower St Domnius Split
Fresh Food Produce Market Split
Bell Tower Saint Domnius Split


Fortress of Klis (just outside of Split) - it is set up with GOT props used for filming. 

Even if you are not a GOT fan but have a kid who loves building castles/ fortresses (or you are the kid) - this is a REAL medieval fortress that was a roayl castle, and the seat of many Croatian kings! (small entrance fee)

5. MARJAN HILL - Too much to do on same day as 1 and 2 but doesn't take long 

Lungs of the city (trees = photosynthesis = oxygen!). Marjan Hill is actually an inactive volcano. Flag and views at the lookout, and a cafe! You can drive up to the top OR take the stairs and test your fitness (consider it your exercise for the whole holiday!) 

6. OMIS - Half day, or make it a whole day trip! 

The city of Pirates! Visit the beaches during the day OR go for a feed during the evening. Small, small, small town: 10min walk from one end to the other. GREAT food and ice-cream! Look for restaurants in the back alleys - will be filled with tables: Seafood traditional, caught same day! We recommend - Restaurant PULJIZ

Look for ice-cream on the main strip walkway called "Hajduk" - same as Split's local soccer club (PS. Torcida is the name of the fans that cheer for Hajduk. You'll see a lot of graffiti and ART done by the fans around the town of Split and surroundings, including the Villa itself!) 

Omis has white water rafting on the River Cetina! There's also a small and a bigger fortress to climb up! It's a beautiful lookout (small entrance fee) PS. the bigger fortress is higher up and harder to hike up to (wouldn't recommend this for children, stick to the smaller one)

Getting to Omis: public transport local bus #60 but in opposite direction of city of Split. Bus stop located in front of Tourist Board Podstrana. OR private bus (not expensive at all) DALMATINAC about 45min ride due to stops, 25min drive with personal car. 

7. TROGIR - Half day trip 

Another smaller but beautiful city just outside of Split with plenty of history to explore. If pressed for time and choosing between Omis and Trogir, choose Omis because of the great beaches and food! 

Restaurant Puljiz.JPG

8. ZADAR - day trip but would recommend spending a night or 2 here! 


If you have a few days, and can afford to get there! It is a 1.5 - 2 hour drive with personal car, 2 - 2.5 hour ride with public transport from the Apartments. Known as one of the most beautiful cities on the coast! (We agree) 

Here you will listen to the Sea organ which plays music by the way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps. You will also see The Monument to the Sun aka The Greeting to the Sun which consists of 300 multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level as the stone paved waterfront. It consists of a 22-meter diameter circle, with photovoltaic solar modules underneath. Lighting elements installed in a circle turn on at night, and produce a light show. 

Zadar Church of St Donatus

9. ISLAND TOURS and BLUE CAVES - Day trip to an Island of your choice 

There are Island Tours which leave from Split and include a few Islands (like Hvar) and these caves are in the package! Purchasing a guided tour is easiest (brochures available at the main entrance next to our pin boards) 

If you wanted to visit only 1 island, by yourself and just relax - can't go wrong with Hvar, Brac (Bol and Zlatni Rat brach is a popular for Kite Surfers, you can rent equipment there) or Solta.


I recommend National Park Krka - Family friendly, smaller, with allocated areas to swim in! You may have heard of National Park Plitvice Lakes - beautiful, however, only walking and observing and more travel time

National Park Krka
View of Omis from higher fortress



Other cities to visit (day trips or 1-2nights): 




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